July 2022. Our work “Adaptive Data Debiasing Through Bounded Exploration” was presented by Yifan in the ICML 2022 Responsible Decision Making in Dynamic Environments Workshop!

May 2022. Our paper “Fairness Interventions as (Dis)Incentives for Strategic Manipulation” got accpeted in ICML 2022 (~21.9% acceptance rate)!

May 2022. Our paper “Incentive Mechanisms for Strategic Classification and Regression Problems” got accpeted in EC 2022 (~27% acceptance rate)!

April 2022. Parinaz gave a (virtual) talk at the Institute for Foundations of Data Science (IFDS) Ethics and Algorithms SIG.

April 2022. Two recent works were presented in the ICLR 2022 workshop on Socially Responsible Machine Learning! “Incentive Mechanisms in Strategic Learning” led by Kun was presented as a contributed talk and “The Impacts of Labeling Biases on Fairness Criteria” by Yiqiao was presented as a poster.

March 2022. Our paper “TASHAROK: Using Mechanism Design for Enhancing Security Resource Allocation in Interdependent Systems” got accpeted in IEEE S&P (Oakland) (~14% acceptance rate)!

January 2022. Parinaz received an NSF CAREER award for the study of decision making, learning, and incentive design in multilayer networks. [OSU Engineering News]

January 2022. New grant from Cisco research to study fair algorithmic decision making through statistical data biasing. [OSU OIED News]

December 2021. Xue successfully defended her MSc thesis on “Learning Directed Collaboration Graphs for Peer-to-Peer Personalized Learning”. Congratulations, Xue!

November 2021. Parinaz is a member of the inaugural cohort in OSU’s STEAM Factory Racial Justice Pathways program.

October 2021. Parinaz gave a (virtual) talk on “Social Bias Meets Data Bias: Correcting Biases through Bounded Exploration and Fairness” at the School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University. [YouTube]

October 2021. New preprint on “Adaptive Data Debiasing through Bounded Exploration and Fairness” with Yifan Yang and Yang Liu. [arXiv]

July 2021. Our work on “The Impact of Network Design Interventions on CPS Security” got accpeted in CDC’21. Congratulations, Pradeep!

March 2021. Parinaz will serve as a Submission and Publication co-chair for MobiHoc 2022.

January 2021. We received a new grant from NSF and Amazon as part of the “Fairness in AI” program to study fairness in machine learning with human in the loop. [OSU Engineering News]

January 2021. Parinaz will be an Ethics Circle Fellow at OSU’s Center for Ethics and Human Values during Spring 2021.

October 2020. Our work “Morshed: Guiding Behavioral Decision-Makers towards Better Security Investment in Interdependent Systems” led by Mustafa Abdallah got accepted at ACM ASIACCS’21!

August 2020. Parinaz is teaching a new graduate course on “Reinforcement Learning” this Fall.

March 2020. Our paper “Behavioral and Game-Theoretic Security Investments in Interdependent Systems Modeled by Attack Graphs” has been accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems!

February 2020. Parinaz gives a talk on “The Impacts of Prediction Technologies on Relational Contracts” at the Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA) at USCD.

February 2020. Parinaz gave a talk on “Improving Cyber Security through Incentive Design and Data Analytics” at OSU’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR).