I am an Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department and The Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego.

My research interests are in network economics, game theory, algorithmic economics, and reinforcement learning. Specifically, my group studies decision making and learning in networks (network games and multi-agent reinforcement learning), fairness in AI (data biases and long-term impacts with human-in-the-loop), and economics of cyber security (incentive design and data analytics). Our research is generously supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Amazon, and Cisco.

Recent News

July 2023. I have joined UC San Diego's ECE department and the Design Lab!
April 2023. Congratulations to our group members Pradeep Sharma Oruganti (PhD), Altan Turkoglu (MSc), Ian Thompson (BSc), and Jiaqi Xu (BSc) for the successful defense of their theses!
April 2023. I gave a talk on "(Fair) ML with Human in the Loop: Strategic Behavior and Incentive Design" at the Midwest Workshop on Control and Game Theory.
April 2023. Our paper "The Impact of Network Design Interventions on the Security of Interdependent Systems" is accepted in the IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems. Congratulations, Pradeep!.
April 2023. I was voted "Outstanding ISE Faculty Member" by the ISE class of 2023!
February 2023. I gave a talk on "Adaptive Data Debiasing through Bounded Exploration" at ITA 2023.
January 2023. We received a new grant from Cisco research to study fair federated learning from biased datasets.
January 2023. Our paper "Safe Control Using High-Order Measurement Robust Control Barrier Functions" got accepted in ACC 2023. Congratulations, Pradeep!
January 2023. Armela and Shahid, juniors at Metro High School, are joining our group to work on their Capstone project on AI fairness during Spring 2023. Welcome!
January 2023. I gave a talk on "Social Bias Meets Data Bias: Biased Training Data and Fair AI" at the Vanderbilt Machine Learning Seminar.

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