I am an Assistant Professor in the Integrated Systems Engineering Department and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at The Ohio State University. I am also affiliated with the Translational Data Analytics Institute.

Research interests:

My research is focused on the role of information and incentives in distributed learning and decision making in network environments. I develop mathematical and data-driven models to analyze and predict user behavior in distributed systems and complex networks, and subsequently propose design principles and policy guidelines to influence autonomous users' learning and decision making. My research contributes to and draws from several disciplines, including network economics, game theory, reinforcement learning, optimization, and control theory, with applications including edge computing and cyber security.

Note to prospective students:

I am looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students, with a strong mathematical background and interest in interdisciplinary research, to join our research group. I recruit students from both ISE and ECE. If you are interested in joining our group, please apply directly to the graduate program in either ISE or ECE depending on your background and interests, and mention my name in your application. If you would like to send me an email, please include your CV and a brief description of your research experience and interests.